Absinthe Minded

Absinthe Minded

With the grace and delicacy
of a tea ceremony

Wedge-lipped crystal
with bulbous bottom

aswirl with the
green fairy muse of

Wilde and vanGogh
and so many others

A magnificent silver spoon
to pour water over

a sugar cube, to stir
the emerald drowse

Sipped silent/slowly
Connoisseurs’ craving

Slip into halcyon heaven
Linger and luxuriate


© 2014 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For dverse Poets’ Pub, the third anniversary of a vital, vibrant voice in our community. Hope they have the proper equipment behind the bar to pour a round of these! Peace to all, and thanks to Brian, Claudia, and the bartenders for continuing this wonderful tradition. Amy

20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. J Cosmo Newbery
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 21:26:03

    Ooo…now I want to try one too!


  2. Sabra Bowers
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 21:33:20

    Totally delightful. I was hooked by the opening line.


  3. brian miller
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 21:33:27

    ha. in my youth i might have been crazy enough to try one…ha. hmm wonder now…perhaps in the right company…smiles…thank you amy…for being a vital voice as well…


  4. Jeff
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 22:01:47

    Lovely lines here–left a wonderful taste in my mouth!


  5. Susan
    Jul 19, 2014 @ 23:59:13

    Hmm. I have such low tolerance that I imagine I would be sleeping instead of creating. Probably, though, someone would put a coat over me and leave me to sweet dreams.


  6. Gay Reiser Cannon
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 00:00:14

    The real, the imaginative, the imagist, the surreal meet here alongside the Green Fairy and we revolve if not revolution. What a fantastic flight this was!


  7. http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 00:37:13

    No absinthe for me, thanks Amy. I can get drunk on party spirit, and this has been a great party. Your poem puts a unique slant on the celebrations.


  8. mybeautfulthings
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 02:11:26

    A boyfriend once sent me a card, ‘Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!’ love your poem! :)


  9. claudia
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 02:44:59

    my name’s van gogh… can i try one please…?


  10. Roger Green
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 02:59:02

    I like your poem more than the subject!


  11. MarinaSofia
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 08:07:21

    We were passing through the part of France where they produced absinthe in the past (and now again)… and it’s not quite as exciting to taste as they make out. But maybe the Green Fairy improves with quantity rather than quality… Your description of the ‘ceremony’ sounds very tempting though…


  12. Cressida de Nova
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 08:14:23

    I will have a Pernod instead….we can green them up with some fairy muses:)


  13. Victoria C. Slotto
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 12:10:15

    Is Absinthe legal here now? There’s an artist’s colony less than a mile from here where they offer “absinthe” and I’ve always wondered…but I don’t drink. For me the whole poetic process is intoxicating in its own right.


  14. Ginny Brannan
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 12:22:23

    I love the mystery and intrigue surrounding this spirit, it seems a favorite of many artists and writers. I should like to taste it one day.

    @ Victoria, Absinthe was once thought to be a highly addictive and psychoactive drug, but has since been vilified. It is legal in the U.S.


  15. Gunn's Cabin Fever
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 13:04:39

    Delicious! One can almost taste the words – and what a great title!


  16. Sumana Roy
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 13:13:40

    what a delight…enjoyed each word..


  17. Anthony Desmond (@iamEPanthony)
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 15:15:29

    I’ll drink to that!


  18. rmp
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 21:29:20

    intoxicating and all I did was listen to how it was made.


  19. ManicDdaily
    Jul 20, 2014 @ 22:39:17

    Hey Amy–your absinthe poem is quite hypnotic actually–suits the subject! Thanks. k.


  20. magalyguerrero
    Jul 21, 2014 @ 09:59:26

    My Muse
    imagines that Coleridge
    would love a swig of this.
    “For he on honey-dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise.”


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