Dorothy Miller Richardson’s “Pointed Roofs” was presented to us at by Angie at We Write Poems, where we answer a weekly prompt on Thursdays.  The process is fascinating; wavepoetry gives you the chance to click and unclick different words in a block of text until you come up with what is essentially your own poem, but always giving credit to the source text.  Mine is entitled, “Long Lace Faces” and is rather serious.

I attempted to write mine out and to save it in different formats; having failed at that, here is the link so you can see the finished product in its original form.  When you’re done reading, have at my second erasure, also listed under “more poems,” (a funny one:  “Mooning Has Its Consequences,” based on Aristophanes’ “Clouds.”

Then try one yourself!  All I’m saying is, words are fun to play with, and the Internet has provided, through sites like, opportunities to stretch oneself.