One Single Impression asked us to write a poem around the theme, “Dawn.” I was going to write about Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, Dawn Wells, but darned if I didn’t go a little deeper!


It dawned on me during a down
that depression is a gift
A room all to oneself
dim, yet habitable

with the sure knowledge
that gloom will fade; the haze will lift
Shifting moods
sifting sand between my toes

Depression’s night is so dark
one doesn’t look up
seeking stars
nor speak of the moon

The lifting is like dawn
a clean new day
made for venturing
beyond the front door

Flowers’ scent sweeter
sun illuminating
individual blades of grass
as they cast minute shadows

And then there’s
the thanking God part…

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore, Sharp Little Pencil