Just a note to let you all know I’m having the time of my life in California, after meeting up with many poet friends and other friends on my way West. Also spent lots of time with family: First, my Aunt Clare, who was my mom’s sister-in-law but considered each other true sisters; then, my dear creative outrageous cousin Gregg, who is Clare’s son. Then, on to LA to see cousins-in-law Karen and Brian – including attending a concert featuring Karen’s new all-female group, “LA Threeway”! So much talent on that stage, including fellow singer/songwriters.

I’m gathering thoughts and inspiration along the way… so much love surrounding me. Got my toes in the sand today, too… and Riley is jammin’ and getting ready for a fall semester.

Will be blogging again soon, loves. Thanks for your patience because of my limited computer access, made easier by Marcia saying, “Here, check your email!”

Peace… it can happen, but only if we scream loud enough first! Amy