Thanks to progressive radio host (and proud WNYer) Stephanie Miller for the phrase “Stupid O’Clock.” She’s a wonderful antidote to Beck and Rush, along with Ed Schultz and Randi Rhodes… if your city CARRIES progressive radio.

STUPID O’CLOCK STUCK (Writer’s Island past prompt)

Jagged maze
zigzagging from row to row
frenzied search for the Big Cheese
Cheating, skipping lines, flying across the labyrinth

Cornered by repetitions of
jumbled choruses
at stupid o’clock in the
late night of soul’s mourning

My frontal lobe
a lava lamp bursting with I don’t know
Each thought glomming onto the next
Floating in inky blue warmth

Even with the pillow
pulled tight over my head
desperate for sleep, still the sight
Molasses morass glowing

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil