It’s November Poem A Day (PAD) at Poetic Asides.  Today, we were asked to write on the theme of closing a door or turning a page.  We’ll be here all month – try the chicken cacciatore!   (Ba-dum-DAH!)  Amy


Close the door on yesterdays
Memories can burn
sure as acid
etching pain into your very bones
Strange Celtic text
something about Dad
something about trust

Close the door on yesterdays
People who hurt you
and in return were abandoned
deprived of your vitality
and also your venom
You don’t plan to study the language
There’s no point now

Turn the page
See a life unburdened by the past
where forgiveness reigns
in beauty
in hope
in trusting the words of one who
forgave so much more than you endured

(c) 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore