Re-posting, as the first version kept re-starting in the middle of the line. This was a prompt for a will from Poets United. Please click on their link and read some other poets’ thoughts as well! And don’t worry – rumors of my impending demise are (hopefully) simply rumors!! But that dark humor runs in the Irish side of my family, and I embrace it heartily.

Last Words

These are the last words you will hear from me
as I have recently ceased to be

To my sisters, I leave my rainbow flags
To my parents, I leave forgiveness in bags

To Jack, pour the bourbon – I’m headed your way
To Sarah Palin, read a paper at least once a day

To RJ, Sheila and Colette, three copies pristine
a pic of my bum on a xerox machine

To John, all the books full of music and lyrics
To Leslie, the “Dead Man’s Eyes” hysterics

To Christopher, HAH! You thought I’d outlive you
Now whom shall you the baby grand give to?

And know that I’ll be in great company
With Jeffery and Jimmy and Bill and Marcie

To Marcia and Jesse, my thanks for the light
To Greggie, close your eyes and I’ll be in your sight

To Sweeney, my rants and my ravings and Lex
Your best buddy – don’t take him to Mme. Orr’s for sex

To GW Bush my wish for long life
to witness his hubris, his headstrong-caused strife

To Barack, prayers for peace and a tougher demeanor
To FEMA, that they FINALLY clean up Katrina

To elected officials, no more of my protests
But FBI, I’ll rally, in spirit at best

To Lex, all my love and may you find another
To Riley, long life and my pride I’m your mother

My girl, find someone who deserves all you can give
To challenge and cherish as long as you live

And after the tears have finally been shed
Remember, I’m dancing… I’m just overhead

So raise up a toast to the girl with the brass
Recount all the ways I’m a pain in the ass

Sing out the songs, pass ’round a doobie
I’m headed to heaven in slippers of ruby

(c) 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil