Dallying on Writer’s Island is a pursuit every poet should indulge in. This week’s theme, “Improvise.” Yeah, like I’ve never done that! Amy

Fill In The Blank (Writer’s Island, “Improvise”)

So I arrive at my gig, hauling my rig all by myself.
I snag my stocking on a stack of speakers,
speaking in a pitch only a poodle could discern, “!!#*$!!”

Into the Ladies’ cause I don’t wanna start late,
I rummage through the rucksack that
passes for my purse.

On my thigh, one big hole in my black tights…
a dollop of whipped cream on an otherwise
dark-chocolate-frosted plane.

Dredging up a Sharpie, I fill in the blank, then
sketch in the run, the pen climbing
up and down a ladder.

I’ll deal with scrubbing it off tomorrow;
for now, it’s beg, borrow, or steal my way to the mic
with as much dignity as stinky ink can afford me.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil