Sunday Scribblings posted a new prompt today:  Nearly.  Gov. Scott Walker, can you feel fate breathing down your neck?  We are a peaceful group of protesters, no matter how FOX spins it… no matter how many of your cronies plant bullets on the lawn of the Capitol Dome… no matter how long you hide in your office (except when you weasel out to address groups of white businessmen in black silk suits).  We are here.  We are NEAR.  Get over it.  Your time in office is almost up!

Nearly There (Madison, WI)

So close I can sense it
So strong, its pulse
So long, its road
So loud, its roar

Freedom is near
Freedom from overbearing robber barons
Freedom from locked and chained Capitol doors
Freedom from the stifling of public discourse

He’s in power for now
He’s almost gone
He knows his hour has come
He hears the word “impeachment” ring, a clarion call

The people of Wisconsin will not be silenced
The people of Wisconsin will not be trampled
The people of Wisconsin will not abandon unions
The people of Wisconsin have only begun to fight

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil