Went to visit my new psychiatrist today for the first time. Good session, but I think he had more fun than I did, since hearing my story… locales, incidents, and stories of my mom’s family, all make for quite the first impression, clinically speaking! Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts over the past week. I am indeed well again! Amy


Under the big top streaked with gray
They dance and perform; they’re at constant play

One is careening across center ring
in a clown car with spears – a most treacherous thing

The acrobats tumble across beds of nails
Trapeze artists regularly slip amid wails

There’s no net to catch them, so when they have fallen
for sweepers with hoses the master comes callin’

The freak show’s so real even grownups grow faint
There’s one star: it’s me, off my meds – fun, it ain’t

A banshee, a dervish, and funhouse in one
My bipolar circus has merely begun

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil