Just when you thought she’d reached her maximum ditz quote, Sarah makes that mistake… opening her mouth about Paul Revere “ringing them bells”!  So ABC Wednesday wanted a “V” poem… and of course, Poets United will also get a posting!  Posting from the Left, I wish you peace… and a break from FAUX News!  Amy

Vile, Yet Vapid

Her smile is so sweet,
but vile is her mind.
Her style, “thrift store” neat –
beguiling her kind.

Her words are quite vapid
(though written by others)
Her speech, shrill and rapid;
she’s one grizzly mother.

She writes talking points
in the palm of her hand.
Just where her sycophants
all want to stand…

Don’t call her a Guv:
Never finished her term.
So why do folks love
this Tea Party germ?

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil