Poetic Bloomings, a new and interesting site, wanted poems about “lost and found.”  Then Brenda’s Sunday Whirl gave me words that culminated in the poem below (those prompt words are in bold).  Give these new sites a whirl yourselves!  And, of course, I’m on the right sidebar at Poets United! Peace, Amy

Lost in the Weeds

She is lost in the weeds.
She’s good wheat, but what sprouts near her
possess voices that pierce and keen.

No matter how strong her fortress,
an unfamiliar, frightening force
rattles the bars of her gate.

She needs an image to cling to,
wholly holy, distinctly divine.

A steadfast vision beyond this
jangling jungle of fear becomes clear.

She shakes off the weeds, uproots them,
and splinters the yoke of despair.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil