Crucifixion, Texas Style

Gov. Perry had a choice:
Listen to the appeal of experts who proved
the man did not start the fire which took
the lives of his children…

or think about his upcoming re-election.

Most Texans don’t take kindly
to governors who commute death sentences.
The Guv could have looked above.
It appears he chose to look the other way instead.

And now another innocent man
walks down the final hallway to his
sanitary, efficient doom.

Strapped down as the doctors ready the dose
of lethal legality, executing “humane” judgment.

Curtains are yanked open to reveal the scene.
Curious how this drama is presented
like a peep show from Hell.

The needle will pierce his skin
and another soul will be loosed
by the State of Texas.

The view from the chamber ceiling
is that of a man
tethered to a cross.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil for Three Word Wednesday (appear, dose, pierce) and Poets United.

This poem is based on the execution of Cameron Willingham, who spent 12 years on Death Row.  Many experts appealed on his behalf as to the pattern of the blaze, but Willingham had a history of abusive behavior and a 10th grade education, which don’t play well in courts, no matter how the facts are presented.

It’s not only Texas – many states have the death penalty; some have prisoners on Death Row, just waiting for the day the penalty goes back into effect. Texas does tend to execute the most people; in fact, when George W. Bush was governor, he “okayed” 152 executions, the most in recent history by any governor. I remain opposed to the death penalty, and the facts are in favor of pacifists:  More and more DNA evidence is proving the innocence of people on Death Row across the country.