Dear Friends,

Three of my poems have been included in a new anthology called, Prompted: An International Anthology of Poems, edited by my good friend Pearl Ketover Prilik and featuring the works of Pearl, Barbara Ehrentreu, Jacqueline Hallenbeck, Michele Krause Hed, Buddah Moskowitz, Brian Slusher, Laurie Kolp, Nikki Griffith, Janet Rice Carnahan, Mike Grove, De Jackson, Iain Douglas Kemp, and many other talented poets. All styles of poetry are represented in this volume, and I do hope you will consider donating to our chosen charity by purchasing a copy.

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO LitWorld, an organization dedicated to putting books in the hands of children. We agreed as a collective that we would submit our work for free; the anthology has about forty poets, with multiple submissions by each.

If you would like to order a copy, it’s available at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Also, a plug for “Really Love Your Book,” the publishers who worked to hard to get this out by Christmas!

Peace, Amy