Pity Party Marathon

Feels like forever, this situation.
So sure that she is unappreciated.
Confronting the conundrum:

Is it they who take advantage,
or she who is the doormat?
Their insensitivity,
or her need for deeds to be noticed?

Are they stoking the fire,
or has she tied herself to the stake,
begging for matches?

Martyrdom is a foolish pursuit,
one that drag on a lifetime.
Yet she, as fools do, faces it; embraces it,
forgetting Dolly Parton’s immortal words:

“Get off the cross, honey, we need the wood.”

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
Self-esteem is a struggle for so many women, myself included.  Hard to know when it’s a valid complaint or too much navel-gazing.  For Sunday Scribblings, where the prompt is “Marathon,” as well as at my poetic hangout (where all the outcasts who created the real stuff stuck together in high school), Poets United. Proud to be a member!