Hey, y’all, sorry I have not posted for a couple of days. Lex presided at a wedding – lovely couple, loving family, lively friends. I was involved as a “second pair of hands” with things like, “WHERE ARE THE BOBBY PINS!!??” and offering to run to the drug store for that, some Advil… you know the drill. Rewarded with a beer on the Bridal Bus while the couple were taking pictures. Adventure for those two just beginning. (CUE THE CARPENTERS)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a hymn to back yards everywhere.


Step out our sliding back door
and step into a condo-life miracle.

A huge yard, formed by buildings
on every side, protected play space.

Little Graham next door draws
on the back stoop: smell the chalk.

(Oops! He also needs a change,
says my keen mommy’s nose.)

His Dad drills heavenly brats and
neighbor Diane drools, “I’ll take three.”

We sit in lawn chairs, share local
beers; a whiff of malt wafts on the breeze.

Freshly mown grass, green aroma
mingling with fading lilacs.

And now Jean’s baked muffins add
a gentle vanilla to the other scents.

One perfect June evening… with
our neighborhood potpourri.

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
Image courtesy of Triple Oaks Nursery and Herb Garden of South Jersey. Check out their page – beautiful blooms abound!

For Poetic Bloomings, to the prompt, “In the air.” Also at my poetic playground, Poets United. This new neighborhood has brought back some wonderful memories, especially the yard… it’s patrolled by every stay-at-home parent and home-office resident. We have all planted gardens to our own taste, and it’s burgeoning blooms here in Madison! Peace, Amy