SPACE CADET (for my fellow bloggrrrls)

Can’t forget
Space Cadet
who flew through the halls
of our school.
Weird freak cool
radical with balls.

Never was
one to buzz;
never came to dance.
Hall pass? No…
Hell, she’d snow
teachers in a trance

Knew her well?
Who could tell?
She skipped town too soon
to New York
to uncork.
Then, who knows? Rangoon?

Blogging now,
caught hers, wow.
Some shit flies so fast.
Sticks to those
who once chose
to call her “outcast.”

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads… “Rebel Girl,” and for Trifecta’s “Radical.” This is dedicated with love and respect to all my bloggrrrls… who embrace life with passion, courage, truth, and the kind of joie de vive not afforded those with limited imaginations or poor opportunities. Some choose their Inner Emily, but many are tuned into that take-no-prisoners style.

NOTE: This is a cantilever, a rare moment when I embraced a form for the post. Ironic, since my poems of rebellion are almost always free verse! Peace, Amy