Two in one
Joined at the skin
Yin/Yang twins with
opposing forces:

One, golden innocence
the endless blossoming
of girl to young lady to
woman to mom to

The other, haunted by
events time will not erase,
rusted razors

The miracle is
they both survive
the chaos

One diary; two lives
The perfectionist clips
fraying edges of her life;
her trademark, a lack
of deceit.

The dangerous silverfish
dives endlessly into
threadbare carpet on
the walls, only to emerge
unspooling, unruly,
unnervingly unorthodox

One seeks applause
The other, a pause,
if only to seek a blank sheet,
a mulligan, a cosmic do-over
(and over, and over)

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, “Get listed.” Huge list of words, and I managed to use quite a few. Thanks, Fireblossom! Also at my poetic hangout, Poets United. I was too late for dverse Open Mic Night. Drat! Finally, for Trifecta, “survive.”

RE: Life… Finally back among the functional, for the most part. The two in one of this piece are, of course, Amy Before She Knew and Amy After Diagnosis and Realization that her youth was stolen. Both are good people with frenetic days, bad tempers, and other challenges. Many thanks to all who have been sending good wishes during my hiatus. Happy New Year and Peace, Amy