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No Blame, No Shame
(a different kind of coming out)

The LGBT tradition of admission
(sometimes to family derision)
is called, “Coming out of the Closet”

The closet, a cloister of treasures
like Jimmy’s high heels and
Ellen’s bow ties: Sanctuary

Once declared, closet is aired,
fairly cleared, faintly scented with
lavender or motor oil, and shame

Mental disorders, the discordance
of synapse each to the next, need
same mother/father confessions

Nowadays, they call it “coming out,”
but why steal a feeling so specific,
resulting in either terrific or horrific.

I call it, “NO BLAME, NO SHAME”
when I get around to telling confused
but Amy-supportive family, friends

Once, we were “possessed by demons,”
the spectre of exorcism (still practiced
by propagandist sects, ignorance exalted)

Later we were ruled by La Luna,
hence, Lunatics, Loony, Moon-tuned
with no room for self-love

Then we were Frankenshocked
thru electric sockets into submission
A rotisserie for the hotheaded

Now we are diagnosed, presupposed
unless war and gore have inflicted
all-too-visible, invisible wounds

No blame, no shame. Nobody can
tell us anymore that we are “less than”
To hell with stigma, guilt, and hiding

I’m simply seeking help to become
the most authentic Amy I can be,
more in control of the blogroll

No blame, no shame. Say it loud,
I have manic depression and PTSD,
but they don’t have me.

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Went to the Wisconsin State Conference of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Did you know NAMI started around a kitchen table, as some moms discussed their children’s problems and diagnoses? Once again, proof that I am in a good place. Geographically speaking. Peace, Amy