When Mama Zen
asked us for brevity
I thought ’twas the
height of levity

For how could I
ever think to contrive
the breadth of my soul
in a mere forty-five?

Yet brief it must be so
I bequeath to you, my-

ยฉ 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads has Words Count With Mama Zen, who sets the limit at 45 words or less. I may break most rules, question authority, and generally raise hell in politics, but… “when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NObody happy!”

Also at Poets United, where they let me blather on all I want. Mama Z, thanks. This is a good exercise for me!

A bit of doggerel from your dogged friend, Amy