Prelude to a Kiss
Lex & Amy Web
First time I saw him,
I had that feeling.
We would either be
friends forever…
or we would be, forever.

Eyes so warm and
chocolate brown,
that stubble after a day
of fighting The Man
for social justice.

His voice so warm,
slightly scratchy from
day-long phone calls
to legislators over
rights for others.

He showed up on my
doorstep, after leaving
a red heart-shaped vinyl
single of Bobby Caldwell
and a little anonymous card.

Admitting he was the
“secret admirer,” he
carefully waited until Riley
disappeared into her room,
leaned in with a smile, and…

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

That was what sealed the deal. We both knew it was fate, from the UCC New Members’ Class to his thoughtful, appropriate dealings with my daughter to launching a praise band to flirting while we helped at the kids’ fundraising car wash. The teen girls who had crushes on him asked repeatedly if we were sister and brother. I asked why, and they said it just seemed like we had known each other forever. From the mouths of budding “babes”!

For Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, the prompt was “prelude.” Couldn’t think of a sweeter introduction to fifteen years and counting.  Also at my poetic place for conjuring, Poets United.

Peace, Amy