From the Brooklyn Museum; photograph by Margaret, used with permission

Dance of the Vessels

They wait to be asked
asked to dance
asked to grab coffee
asked to participate

in the dance of the vessels
each filled in her turn with
disappointment, with joy
with whatever he chooses

They were told that if
they waited long enough
and stayed shiny, attractive
they would be chosen

See the restless vase
rustling her dust
edging closer to the edge
She will fall and break, in a

glorious shower of shards
and a mischievous giggle
They will clean up and toss her
Better to jump than to fall for it

© 2015 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Margaret Bednar is a Toad.  Well, a member of the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads…and for this prompt, she offered up some lovely photos of vases.  I chose the group on shelves, but there are quite a few images of vases at the site, along with links to some dandy poets.  Why not head over to the Garden and try your luck?  Thanks, Amy