The bravura president
Toad-bloated and spewing
Managed to piss off Australia on his very first day
(I mean, who does that?)

The emperor has no clothes
(now, that’s one image I wish I could unsee)
We are fully clothed but we feel naked
Hopeless, fatigued, bone weary of the blather

He speaks
We are slack-jawed
and waiting for this mistake, this miscarriage,
this miscreant to go away, anywhere, anyhow

Anyway, we wait

(c) 2018 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For ABC Wednesday – the letter is U. Thanks to Roger Green, as he came up in my thoughts today. The last time I posted was a year ago (yup, talk about your outrage fatigue: I have been poetry-dry for a long while), the letter was also U. Man, I need to stop letting this crappy president get to me. Amy