Damn, It’s Cold

I moved to Wisconsin voluntarily – but at this moment,

a simmering resentment is the only thing keeping me warm

Irony: My husband flew out to a conference San Antonio last Sunday

(we may still be married by the time you read this)

Fact: Stir-crazy, I went out to put in supplies (yup, I have a chuck wagon and EVVVV-rything)

People were stocking up on Wisconsin ABCs (Alcohol, Bratwurst, and Cheese)

Out of the market, into an Arctic infarction

A wind that topped out at 50 Degrees Below What The Fuck

It slapped me in the back and swept me off my feet

(Not in a romantic way. In another way.)

And the cold

The cold

Did I mention the cold?

Cold that freezes the snot in your nose

Cold that makes the wax in your ears harden and rattle

Cold that causes panic and anger, makes people drink more than usual (and scream between steins for no discernible reason)

This is the cold of Jack London, of science fiction after the sun dissolves

The cold you tell your grandkids about and they never believe you

Colder than charity

Colder than Melania Trump’s gaze

Damn, that’s cold

© 2019 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For ABC Wednesday, the letter is D. So, yeah, DAMN! I do love Wisconsin! The snow stays pristine white days after the storm (which beats the cruddy runoff of Manhattan winter). The people are great – and my friends feel SO MUCH BETTER since we voted the revolting Scott Walker out of our lives and into obscurity (unless Trump gives him a job and then fires him).

My problems with this cold snap are minor – so minor, I can find humor in them. But there are folks out on the street. Make sure you send a donation to a shelter, today. Even if you are not in the path of the Arctic Blast, folks need your help. Amy