Looking forward to old age, to age-old dreams
We decided to Go Tiny
Buy a little crackerbox and live the Keebler life

It won’t be for a long while
But I have started shedding stuff
it peels off daily
Flotsam off the shelves
Out of closets
So much stuff

Stephanie said, “But you don’t have much stuff”
I so, SO get what she means
We are actually simple people
Complicated but unencumbered

It’s part of the pastoral couple thingie

And yet, daily, I find piles to move along
Clothes I will never wear
Art supplies I have not used
(Sure, I might take up painting again,
but the acres of acrylics
the pall of palettes

So St. Vinny’s (patron saint of people who just moved into a new place and really need stuff) takes on my burdens
I will burn a candle at his altar

Fly, my pretty things
Fly and roost on someone else’s house
Our nest will be empty (mostly)


(c) Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil