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How to Raise a Valedictorian
Study together.
She, homework.
You, Woolf.

Release her from school for
antiwar protests and call it
civics lessons

Ban video games

Tell her God gave her beautiful,
but smart takes work

Love unconditionally

© Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Trifecta’s Weekend Challenge was 33 words of advice. This worked for my daughter Riley, who is currently a top student at Laguna Beach Institute of Art and Design. Did I mention she doodled in the margins of her homework?  That she came out to the entire student body’s parents during her speech?  (She was already out, “gender queer,” to all her friends, and didn’t lose one of them.)  Can you tell you much Lex and I love this young woman?

The picture was taken by Lex as we were being goofy after the ceremony.  Silver becomes her, but her heart?  Pure gold.  Peace, Amy