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He’s parked and playing
outside the Willy St. Coop.

Walnut guitar strummed by
chestnut fingers. A smile

as he soulslides his way
through “Stand By Me.”

I stand swaying, appreciating;
we share a grin and I join in

on the chorus. We sing
in pitchpricklingperfect harmony.

“Take a verse, little sister.”
I slip in that side door of possibility

and respond in a gritty voice
from my soulful side, bringin it.

As the troubadour takes
lead on the chorus, I’m

floating above with a subdued
harmony. We blend like

strong coffee and Bailey’s,
mingling, merging, melding

into one voice. We finish and
exchange info to do this again.

Serendipity lives in Madison,
streets abloom with organic music.

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For ABC Wednesday, brought to you by the letter “T.” Also for Poets United’s Think Tank Thursday, “possibility.” This actually happened to me during a shopping trip on my way to my therapist’s office. I composed the poem in its entirety while in her waiting room. Rarely have I been so fortunate, especially during a depressed period, to come upon such a soulful singer/guitarist sitting right in my path, open to a short jam. Carl is his name and we’re hoping to record a bit in the near future.

Possibility. This poem reminds me that ANYTHING is possible if only I can get myself out the door and into the world! Soul singing. Uplifting, unexpected, and so good for everything positive that dwells beneath my inner darkness. Carl helped light a spark in me that reminded me of all the beauty that awaits once this cloud lifts… Peace, Amy