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TWOFER! Because yesterday’s poem was such an unbelievable bummer (for me, too), I have two nice ones today. First, I’m flexing some haiku muscle for Sensational Haiku Wednesday; second, Three Word Wednesday gave us: Adapt, Glide, and Lie. These are also posted at my poetry haven, Poets United. Peace to all, Amy


Falling Leaves (Haiku)

Leaves color, then drop
as though staying green so long
has left them weary.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil


FOR THREE WORD WEDNESDAY (prompt words in bold)

Heaven Sent

Pregnant teen Kit, big-time cocaine-addicted.
She knew that the baby’d be wholly afflicted
She tried to clean up; she didn’t abort;
but habits and lies and recovery fell short.

She put down her pipe just in time for E.R.
A stranger took pity, drove her there in his car.
He cell-phoned his wife, who rushed down for the birth
(To have their own, they’d have moved heaven and earth.)

Kit wouldn’t nurse baby, pleaded, “Don’t wanna see him.”
The couple, still there, never once thought to flee him.
A tough road ahead for a tough little guy:
a whole lot of tears, in purging the high.

A nurse saw the two, screaming babe in her arms;
“Maybe-Mom” glided over, her touch was the charm.
One look and they knew, so completely enrapt,
that they would not only adopt, but adapt.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Footprints of Peace (haiku)
Dedicated to Sister Karen Klimczak (1943-2006)

Where is holy ground?
Is it only in a church,
a temple, or mosque?

No, it’s to be found
ev’rywhere beneath our feet
if peace is our guide.

Live out of real love
each of us to another,
forsaking greed, hatred

Holy ground is found
anywhere people will trace
the footprints of peace.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

I decided that 300 posts is a milestone and wanted not to be my usual snarky self. Here’s the story behind the inspiration for this poem:

Sister Karen began the “Peaceprints” signage campaign in Buffalo, NY. Signs popped up all over town, “I Leave Peace Prints,” signs with doves, putting out a positive message of unconditional love. She worked in a halfway house for drug offenders who had served their time. Sadly, she was murdered by one of the residents when she surprised him as he was going through her room. Although her death was senseless and sadly ironic, the signs proliferated in her memory and still stand today. Rest in peace, Sister Karen, and thanks for the love.

Posted at the poets’ collective, Poets United.