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First, apologies to all who comment and have to wait for moderation.  My last posting was invaded by vendors in the comments, so back to the drawing board (sorry, Mary!  I know you like to see your comments posted).  Someday, we will wrangle this digital world; in the meantime, spammers run it.  We just live in it.  And now for a look at the man behind all the gay-bashing and LGBT arrests.  Vlad, methinks thou protesteth too much…

Pimping the Olympics

Yay! Way to fatten
Putin’s pockets
Plus private security
tho’ LGBT “inferiority”
is policed to a polish

Don’t get me started on
Elton’s gig; he and David
could shtoop on the steps
of the Kremlin, but Russian
gays are jailed every day

Could Russia BE more hostile
while playing host to the
world’s athletes? Gay or straight?
Do the math: Pocketful of zloti
for self-loathing Vladi

© 2014 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Vladimir Putin is a great example of “I want to bare my (pretty disgusting) physique for all to admire, but gay men with six-packs and lesbians who could take me in three rounds should all go to jail.” He is a pathetic closet case, if you ask me. I said months ago we should boycott these Olympics when the laws against LGBT people were being passed, but then again, we also appeared in China… our athletes wore clothes MADE in Chinese sweat shops. The Olympics have become a pit of corruption. I’m skipping this year… NBC won’t show the Canadian curling anyway.  Peace, Amy