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The point at which I knew Taffy was
the perfect bet was not because of a trick,
nor a whisper (a la Cesar Milan).

For a spaniel, her shape was odd.
She could pack on pounds begging for cookies,
going from one family member at a time.

Once, she ate string, and she sat still
as I eased it back out of her mouth,
her breath not what one would wish for in a dog.

Her coat didn’t shine, and she had
a lifelong taste for running in the back forty
to roll in dead things, then eat them.

But one night, Taffy laid down
on my lap when I was feeling quite sad.
She gently put one paw on my hand.

And I melted into a puddle of mush.

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
PAD #2!
For The Sunday Whirl: Trick, Pack, Point, Whisper, Smell, Shape, Shine, Taste, Wish, String, Pet, Paw.
Also with my Poetic Peeps, Poets United.

At Writer’s Island, we were given a one-word prompt: embark. I couldn’t help myself, honest! Amy


The dog next door is named Emily
but her folks just call her Em
She’s friendly, happy, friendly
but her barking sounds like phlegm

propelled from asthmatic lungs
onto the driveway each day
When she barks, mucus is flung
The goop flies every which way

She’s a sweetly adorable pug
but her bark/slopping never stops
The neighbors are pitching in
for a bib and some doggie cough drops

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil