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Where I’m Comin’ From

Look back at the burbs
White enclave; promise of the GI Bill
Manicured lawns, manacled wives who
drank a dram during the drudgery of
The Soap Trinity (Laundry, Dishes, The Edge of Night)
We were their kids, who tried not to notice

We ran scattersplat wild and messy as anything
Hair flying, legs booblaboobla gearing up to race
Kickball, swimming, badminton in a harsh breeze
Barbies hunted Nazis in the woods (we had badass dollies)
Anything was possible; everyone was some shade of pale
…except when my family hosted a jazz party

Singin’ & Sippin’ – white was not a prerequisite
for fitting in; all that mattered was the lushlife music
Screw being eight, ditch that perfect smooth hopscotch stone
Pocket a church key, cuz beer bottles will need opening
and the grownups’ll be too drunk to open their own
Time for goldenbronze fortunes to be shouted and whispered

© 2015 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
The prompt at dverse Poets was “Where Are Your From?” We all wrote a poem about the soil from which each of us sprang. Mine dawdled at home base for our kickball game; but eventually, I found my way to the party. And in all honesty, once I’d found it, my heart never left! Amy

Babes in Toyland

We weren’t spoiled kids
my sisters and I

Modest presents
under the tree

One year I got
my first and only Barbie

That summer, we got
all our Barbies together

and made them into
Nazi hunters, bringing

bad Germans to justice
(no wonder I married a Jewish guy)

Best of all, my sis
made me a dollhouse

Really, a trollhouse
back in the days when

you could score a troll doll
for a buck, back when

inside the house was
my favorite playground

She worked with balsa
and with crates

designed bedrooms
with ornate curtains

and cool furniture
She also made them clothes

She toiled in secret and
when she unveiled it,

I gotta tell ya,
it was the biggest present

I had ever received…
and the best.

After all these years,
I have this to say:

Thanks, Jo, for
giving me the gifts

of your time and
your loving heart

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
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