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For Poetry Tow Truck (thanks to Donna V. for the prompt, What I Did On My Summer Vacation”!). Also at my poetic collective home, Poets United. Peace to all, and may cooler heads prevail this Fall, Amy

Hot Town, Summer in the City

In flannels-and-snow-shoes winter
we marched at Capitol Dome.

You’d think now resolve would splinter
and we’d cool off at home.

Yet, we’re still here with signs
upholding union rights,

Tired, sweaty folks of all kinds
chanting from noons to nights,

‘Cause we remember history
and it’s not just munitions:

Our forebears saw no mystery
in unjust work conditions.

They used their power in numbers
‘til unions were assured,

And, bless them, they were fired on,
but still their words endured:


© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

This is another double prompt, courtesy of two sites from Poets United: Poetry Tow Truck (my first time there) wanted a poem based on the beginning and ending words (in caps), two lines from “At the Doll Hospital” by Robin Ekiss (from the book The Mansion of Happiness) which, when read vertically, form a full sentence. That’s the best I can do in the way of explanation… just go with it!

Also on the Poets United page, I found Sepia Saturday, and these both blend to fit the poem that follows (sorry, I can’t figure out how to recreate the picture here, but if you follow the link you’ll see it there!). Enjoy. Amy
Blanche and Bill

AMONG the regulars at the café, WHERE
SOphie and Ruth frequently stopped, their friend WILL
(MANY girls fancied him) met Ruth’s sister, Blanche. SHE,
EYES big and brown, was considered a real FIND.
FIXED them up, Sophie did, bless HER.
IN June the Blanche and Bill forever sealed their TENDERNESS.
GLASS covers their wedding portrait, where they look a bit grim,
but they laughed the same laugh and loved like no couple since.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil Continue reading