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(NOTE: This instrument, called the hang, is pronounced “hong.” Click on the video before you read the poem!)



Find him in nature
a shaded nook where
trees whisper stories of
the ancient ones.

Matthew finds a
perfect perch and
carefully lifts his hang,
its song to share.

Nimble, careful,
deliberate fingers seem
carved from soft wood,
burnished brown.

He conjures chords,
soothing harmonies,
unearthly sounds, yet
so natural: Soul songs.

In this moment there is only
Matt, the hang, and strains
of unrestrained bliss;
the gods conjured his gift.

And we, who were
a moment ago merely
bumps on a log are
lifted to a higher place…

Musical, ethereal, reflective, mindful.

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
Perfect moment for ABC Wednesday to feature the letter “Z.”

Also, Kim Nelson at Poets United (my poetic shady nook) asked for poems about reflection.

My cousin by marriage, Matt Venuti, is a soulful musician. Please visit his site,, for more videos and information about his art. He also plays the EVI and a variety of other instruments, but the hang has his heart at present.

He is also one of those musicians who didn’t get into it so he could drink and smoke on the job! He’s a gentle soul, utterly sincere, and wildly talented… yet humble. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience him performing live.

Peace from a lucky cousin, Amy


Recounting the reflexes
that led to down and out.
Remembering that December,
the thin coat, the glances
of passersby wondering why
the girl who was talking
to herself had not found
a warm shelf on which to perch,
the chilled canary fairy without wings.

Ruffles her feathers that they might
have thought of her so.
Regretting the rejection by men
after they’d had their fill, having
sucked her soul from within its
sand castle, the frailty of her ego.

She winding-wanders on but
pauses at odd moments to reflect.

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

National Poetry Month, Day Three! One more take on Sunday Scribblings’ prompt, Reflect. Also hangin’ with my kin at Poets United: Scroll down their right column and meet some amazing poets! Peace, Amy