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Stone Cold

In the Psych Annex
My new Rx
Diagnosis, Bipolar
Prescription, Lithium

Hideously heavy
Slogging through my bloodstream
Soupy, sluggish, songless

Stone didn’t skip on water
It simply sank

Muses’ broom
Artist’s doom


© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

For Trifecta, 33 words, including the word “stone.” The prompt showed a Periodic Table of the Elements and mentioned that the element lithium is from the Greek word, lithos, or stone. It was not lost on me that the drug Lithium made me LIKE a stone!

True story: While “in the Bin” years ago, I was finally diagnosed manic depressive. The doctor was extremely old-school; she prescribed Lithium, claiming it was the only drug that really worked on bipolar disorder. For me, Lithium became cement for the soul. Fortunately, after discharge, I found a wonderful psychiatrist, Dr. Rao. He weaned me off what I called “Mister Sluggo” and began a careful balance of anti-depressants and anxiety meds. “Whoever says psychiatry is not drug experimentation is full of it,”Dr. Rao said. “The idea is tweaking until you get it right, and every person’s chemistry is different.” I have a new doctor here in Madison. He’s great, but Dr. Rao had wry humor and a calm, reassuring way… plus he didn’t accept samples from drug peddlers, and I admire that.

I know some folks don’t believe in psych meds, and I understand why. Whatever floats your boat; however, in cases like mine, where the chemistry is complicated and the dips and peaks extreme, my little boat would SINK without meds. I’ve lived life both ways, and I know what keeps my pencil sharp. Peace, Amy

Hay(na)kus are a curious little form I found at Poetic Asides.  It’s a variation of the haiku:  Three lines; one word, two words, three words.  No other rules.  My kind of form!  Also at Poets United, our poetry collective. Amy

As Seen On TV

It’s new!
Ask your doctor


is wasted
on the rich

Like a Mighty Stream

is ensured
only through action

Jesus, Gandhi, King

cannot flourish
without unconditional love

Mel Gibson’s Passion

was not
an action figure


is not
the new Normal

All poems © 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil