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An actual fracking site in Warren Center, PA
The Marcellus Shale runs under my home, Binghamton, NY
Image courtesy of WikiCommons

Frackers (and the TPs who love them)

Takin no flak from
frack-attack NRA

Takin no crap from
gumflappin’ Tea Party

Dittoheads filled with…
(no, that’s not nice)

Sleazy pols with vols
pandering to their meandering
with dolls from the intern pool

Pools they listen to
more than constituents
Consequently, their

incontinent pieholes spew
FOX from their boxes
(the Constitution gets the axe)

Rights only for the Right
We get what’s “left”
Two Rights can make a wrong

Look at the NeoCon bromances:
Bush and Dick
Incestuous Koch brothers

On and on, while our tap water
becomes flammable, we suck
dino juice like it’s a teat

Money for war? Sure!
Forget wind and solar –
our gas is now Natural

So natural, it seems
the hometown of my dreams
will go down in flames

from its faucets

© 2013 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

I’ve written about FRACKING before, but Sherry Blue Sky, a good friend and Canadian activist, produced an excellent report (click HERE) on how the frackers are taking over in Canada, too. Got my Irish up, but at least people rose up in protest… in the States, we think of Canada as a peaceful country, but their police have been learning since the Bush years and yes, through the Obama years: Rubber bullets in LaBatts country. What the hell is going on?

This is my cheery little Monday piece for the Open Link at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!  Peace, Amy

The Sweetest Presence

A gift from her sister, I was
oooohed and aaaahed over

Now I hang on a rusty hook
near the back screen door

Listening to kids running
in, out, in, out, slam, slam

Her husband complains that
I’m in his way, bang

(He is too tall, but
I won’t be the one to say)

I was once a variety
of leftover spoons and forks

Then, refiner’s fire made me
flatware that’s really flat

Now comes a quiet breeze
breathing through me

and the gently moving silverware
makes music to soothe the soul

I may not chime the hour
but I have my own charms

She hears my call and
joins me for a cup of tea

Always remembers her sister
when she listens to me

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

My dear friend Sherry Blue Sky turned me on to this prompt. Hannah Gosslein (known to many of us as “Sweet Hannah” offered a prompt at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, to inhabit the spirit of a forest plant or creature. I made a detour and chose something that is affected by nature, the humble wind chime. A friend had some that were indeed forged and flattened forks and spoons, leftovers from an old family set, and it left a definitely impression on me. Thanks, Hannah! Peace, Amy

Today I give you a link to another blog.  Sherry Blue Sky and I have become friends over the years; both poets, both mothers, both environmentally conscious.  She is a Wild Woman who communes with wolves.  I am an Old Hippie who communes with the mentally ill.  We are mothers first, and she used a recent poem of mind (reprinted at her blog, with my permission) to springboard into the subject of her own family’s experience with mental disorders.

Please, please, just click the link and discover how two women who have never met face to face, who live in different countries, can communicate in the language of the mother’s heart. Peace, Amy