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Shot Glasses and Shop Classes

Hammerin down bourbon like it’s
five minutes before Prohibition.

He only looks up when a
been-there blonde rasps,

“Don’t mean to chisel, but
can you screwdriver me?”

He knows she’s talkin OJ and a shot
but his gaze is stapled on her form.

Still staring, he scrapes up a sawbuck
and plunks it down on the bar.

They carve conversation
out of thin air til closing time.

They file out, arm in arm… maybe he
nailed her, but she ain’t tellin.

© 2012 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil
For dverse, asking us to pick a profession and use the “tools of the trade” (in this case, woodworking) and make the nouns into verbs. Wordworking?

Also at my poetic workshop (sawdust and all), Poets United! Peace, Amy