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Insomnia never felt so good.

MOONSTUCK (Stuck, Poetic Asides prompt)

Slip of a moon, sideways smile
beguiles me from my perch
Searching for words and
lingering long past bedtime

To find the perfect phrase
Elusive, diffused thoughts race
out my ears, past my face and
Oops! Out the window back to the moon…

monthly changing yet
ever my constant companion
as I’m stuck in my room alone
awaiting the whisper of words

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Last week at Poetic Asides, we were asked to write a poem about three things we could see from our workspace. My computer is set up on an old desk my dad made years ago; the walls are plastered with mementos and pictures, posters and plaques. It was simply a matter of picking the ones that fit together. This is the first of three “threes” I composed! Thanks, Robert Lee Brewer, for the prompt.


A dog-eared poster hovers near my desk, rebellious wallpaper
Detailed manifesto of the Women’s Liberation Movement
“Because woman’s work is never done and is underpaid…”
Words from a bubbling wellspring of hope and burned lycra
Demand for an equal stake in this country, still unmet

A postcard: Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein
keep me honest in all pursuits, artful and activist
as they stare me down in a loving way, like sisters
heart of depression beside the mother of us all
reminding me that women are worthy of everything

Klimt portrait, foil-embroidered woman
She stands alone, in no man’s embrace
yet framed by flowers, wearing a come-hither robe
Full black hat, ebony halo, distant gaze
Essence of loveliness, an equal part of my soul

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil