Thoughts about the Obama presidency and the dearth – not the death – of activism. Time to wake up!


He stood to take the oath of office
Both the white guy and the biracial guy blew the oath
but an Asian cellist became a rock star that day

Miles of humanity surrounded the Capitol
Standing as one and chanting,
“Yes we can! Yes we can!”

Now, a year later, half are disillusioned and
too damned lazy to call their legislators or take action
They should have been shouting, “Yes HE can!”

He can’t do it alone
The road to change is long, deeply furrowed and
littered with sharp stones (lest you cut your foot)

Change doesn’t come from a place of comfort
especially your own smug armchair in front of a plasma TV
Change comes hard. Raise your voices. Get off your asses.


© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil