Another Sunday Scribblings prompt on the “life swap” theme.  I’ve always marveled at women who really had it together.  I’m of the frazzled variety, and coming from a show business family, I wondered about those amazing corporate women who make their way in “a man’s world.”  So this is a composite of several women I know – not quite Joan Crawford, not quite Eve Arden, but somewhere in between…

A Woman of Distinction

The woman is serenely composed
as she glides through the office
Her confidence, no disguise
No butterflies occupy her stomach
as she presents the new marketing plan

She’s well turned out, head to toe
Tastefully dressed, impeccably accessorized
The uniform of the sincerely driven
She’s punctual, tactful, precise
Respected by all in every way

She fears neither boss nor client
Her work ethic exceeds that of the CEO
One day, she will occupy his corner office
He told her as much over scotch and water
in the Executive Dining Room last week

Never had to sleep her way to the top
Worked hard to climb the corporate ladder
Started as an associate in Accounts
She knows the names of everyone
from the elevator guy to the whole cleaning crew

Raised by a single mother on the Lower East Side
They were always reading, writing, creating, talking
Mama showed her daughter how to get along with anyone
and now the little girl, grown up, repays the debt
as her mother basks in the Florida sun, a phone call away

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore, Sharp Little Pencil