We were challenged at Sunday Scribblings to write about swapping lives with someone. I thought about my childhood hero… and what happened along the way! Key of E-flat, if you please…

Barbra Streisand, Only Protestant

I knew I wanted to be
just like Barbara Streisand
when I was six, watching TV
Her voice, her style, her smile, and

her larger-than-life persona
completely captured me
I declare to Mom, “I’m gonna
sing like that, you wait and see”

To grow a Cleopatra nose
a neo-classic profile
To sing in high-class Broadway shows
with quirky, campy style

As Barbra aged, my interest waned
Her voice too perfect, shrill
Her long nails screamed “I’m awfully vain”
I lost the Barbra thrill

We girls have our heroes, true
And mine was quite outrageous
But I became a writer, too
Accessible, contagious

No beefy bodyguards on call
No need to lock my door
Without that fame, I’ve found my all
and still have work in store

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore, Sharp Little Pencil