Jingle Poetry asked for a love and romance poem. Here’s the best I have to give you – a take on love found, lost, found, lost… yet permanent. Amy


You recall that fall
the two of us, soul to soul
Wholly ourselves
if only for that moment

Now you’re safe
in your comfort zone
She thinks she is the only one
And that you yourself hung the moon
While I hang around here awaiting what where how when, pondering then

I whisper in your heart, stroking your memory
tenderly drawing you back to me
Our love happened
because nothing else could

Flesh upon flesh
the heart of the matter
smattering of promises we knew were loving lies

And now here’s your life: organized, precise, clockwork
Mine the jumble of a funny, frantic existence
Yet there remains the magnetic, eclectic tug
pulling you back to me
across miles of untouchable roadblocks

Our lives forever tangled, intertwined
Even apart, forever you’re mine

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil