A Poetic Asides post. An ever-so-delicate look at how women’s bodies change over the years… Enjoy, and then click the link to check out poems by the rest of the gang! Amy


It comes to us all
Those gifted with double-X
The passage of time brings
the curse of our sex

First we get periods
Bloat like balloons
Bitchy and bothered
We cry to full moons

Then comes the part where
if you have some luck
you have a big baby
comes out like a truck

Your skinny jeans gone
to the clothing exchange
Your once-lithe young self
is at once rearranged

Your boobs not your own
‘Cause you share them with baby
and hubby gets jealous
But fools with them? (maybe)

Now gravity takes hold
and Cooper’s Droop socks you
More than a pencil
I can hold a whole box, too

Then finally menopause
There’s God’s big laugh
You sweat and you chill
and your mind’s cut in half

Part of it knowing
what you need upstairs
the other half, getting there,
asking, “What the hell am I doing here and why? There was something I needed up here but I don’t know WILL SOMEBODY TURN DOWN THE HEAT? I’M SWEATING MY ASS OFF!!!”

(c) 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil