At Poetic Asides, the prompt was, Celebrate. Could not think of a better celebration than the day two of my dearest friends were united in love and dignity. Amy

Celebrate Today
(For Christopher Kennedy and Jimmy Ricketts)

Christopher and Jimmy
both in tuxes, Dapper Dans.
Not the groomsmen,
but the grooms.

I’m running around in
a dress tight as Saran Wrap
(and just as pliable).
My heels click click click busy busy…

So light the candles!
Bring on the guests!
Family and friends;
Amy’s taking requests

at the baby grand with candelabrum
As I sing, I meditate on the wax
slowly slinking down the tapers.
This is real romance.

The pastor was beautiful;
the buffet, sublime.
Every state should have gay marriage –
their catering businesses would thrive.

I sing the song I wrote for their wedding,
“The Best I Have To Give.”
Then Jimmy yells, “Do the Santa song!”
I grin and launch in.

It’s my rendezvous with Kris Kringle
Naughty but nice. The glasses clink
and the newlyweds share a little peck.
Nothing gross like at straight weddings.

A tasteful affair from beginning to end,
all couples dancing, bubbles in the air.
I remember Mom saying that true love
is marrying your best friend. Amen.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil