ABC Wednesday, brought to you by the letter “T.” Also posted at Poets United, natch. My daughter is visiting, and this was composed in her honor, not to make fun! (And actually, her posture is better than this indicates. It’s a composite of the entire generation!) Amy

Techie Twentysomething

Got an IHop plugged in one ear
and a Blueberry hangin off the other

“Wii love the Tech Age and
text ’til our thumbs go numb.”

Shoulders slump from hauling backpacks
since second grade.

Laptop, pursewalletID, keys, cell sardine-crammed
(stash stashed in secret side pocket).

Turn on, tune in, drop out?
Plug in, click on, tune out.

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil