Three Word Wednesday prompted us with: Cease, Heat, and Nasty. A million ways you can go with that, but I was reminded of those punishing Manhattan summers. Thom G, thinking of you and my other NYC friends now.

This is also at our poetry collective, Poets United, which (if you scroll down to the second article) has an interview with… MOI! I was so honored. Thanks again, Sherry Blue Sky, for tapping into my brain. A brave chore, that! Amy

City Summer

City sidewalks
drink in summer heat
absorbing as through pores and
releasing a scalded, nasty smell:

Part spilled lattes
Parts updraft of subway tracks, their litter and rats
Part dog who missed the tree
Part dog owner who didn’t bring a plastic bag

Part bare feet of the homeless,
never to cease their quest for
the shelter of a bit of shade

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil