To all my dear blogging poets and other writers and friends,

I am taking a two-week hiatus to do some technical work on a forthcoming book, the autobiography of Fred Weintraub, who’s a fascinating character in Hollywood and beyond.  If you want to learn more about his history with Bruce Lee, Woodstock, The Bitter End, plus many actors and comedians, visit his website HERE. I mean it: You HAVE to check this guy out! He’s a mensch, but he’s also bigger than life.

I will catch up on comments as soon as possible (just came back from vacation), but I’m so excited that David Fields, a dear old friend and the “as told to” co-author of the book, invited me to take part in this endeavor.  I’m farklempt!

Will be back blogging again very soon, answering prompts and, as always, visiting the sites of those who visit me. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for the completion of this editing with the integrity that Mr. Weintraub deserves.

Please don’t leave a comment to this, or I’ll just be farther behind on replies!

Peace to all, Amy