Thanks to my dear friend, David Fields, who graciously laid punch-up editing work on me from CA, I was offline for several days, but now I’m back and in a thoughtful, giving mood. These moods don’t always last long, and it’s a freebie, so read on!!

The editing gig gave me great confidence in my skills – it also reminded me that, when I read your poetry (as when you read mine and let me know), typos are easily missed… and my OCD kicks into a new, extremely useful gear.

SO, POETIC FRIENDS – if you are about to submit a poem for publication; if you are worried about the format of your cover letter; or if you just need that “second pair of eyes,” which are so valuable before sending your work to seasoned editors, USE ME. FOR FREE.

Send me up to three poems (.doc or .docx are fine), and I can email you back my proofs with changes which you may accept or reject, and it’s all free. (If I get deluged, I may start charging, but I’d announce well in advance – and the money will go toward my fund to attend the Dodge Poetry Festival next year.) Included with the three poems are cover letters and biographies. If it’s a full chapbook, I’ll charge $5 per manuscript up to 25 poems; just sent a check.

You can also “snail-mail” me your documents with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and they will be returned to you (hopefully without lots of bloody red ink all over them!).

Amy Barlow Liberatore
email: sharplittlepencil AT gmail DOT com
snail: 1626 Fordem Avenue, #102, Madison, WI 53704

My poetry will commence tomorrow. I simply feel the need to give back to all the wonderful folks who have given me a glimpse of their souls, their whimsy, their dark sides… because rose buds or rusty, jagged edges, you all write your LIVES. I love that about each and every one of you.

Peace, Amy