To all my dear friends,

For the past several days I have been fighting an almost crippling depression. My doctor has adjusted my meds, and my therapist calls to check in on me – a wonderful person. Most of all, Lex is a patient source of never-ending support and strength, even as he handles the day-to-day of a whole church (but then, he has a rocking staff).

So please forgive my lack of catching up with comments – I WILL get to them… and I am in a place where writing is useless, but I keep trying. Lots of balls of paper by my writing space. Please keep me in prayer, thoughts, and meditations (medications?!) as I fight my way back to the surface. I’ll be my snarky, ironic, silly self soon, with God’s grace.

Thanks for understanding, and forgive my little “pity party” post. Ironic, I just did the NAMI Walk, and then fell down the rabbit hole. Peace, Amy