The Art of the Quilter
(Dedicated to the Waterford Quilters Guild of Loudon County, VA)

She shoulders a bolt of muslin.
So much to be gathered!
Picking through the fabric store scrap bin,
frets while seeking a landscape…

Shallow buttercream border,
bursts of color will drop into place.
Her mind dancing with images, blends,
patterns, plotting her design.

The group assembles for another quilting bee,
one of the longest-running circles in the country.
Someone topples a lamp and is
laughingly forgiven, since she brought goodies.

As with hula hoops and wedding bands,
this circle will never be broken:
The dedicated members of the
Waterford Quilters Guild, Virginia.

© 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

Possessing a gift for words and music but none for needlework, I am forever in awe of the quilts my sister has made for me and for others over the years. Every stitch is done by hand; a labor of love. To see some of the fabulous quilts created by the members of one of the longest-running quilting circles in America, visit this link:

This was done for Brenda’s Sunday Whirl: The words to be used were: shoulder, gathered, causes, broken, shallow, drop, topples, dancing, bolt, burst, fret, hoops, forgive.