I’m one of the 99%. So are all of you. And I’m sickened by the greed and lack of humanity so prevalent among the super-rich, as well as the toadying attitude of their sycophants, the Tea Party (bought and paid for by the Heritage Foundation). Imagine the scene: a Kardashian clone, dressed to the nines, blinged to the booty, surrounded by security guards, making a “guest appearance” at Occupy Madison…

The Ballad of the One-Percenter

I’m rich and white – I’m on the Right, don’t have to fight
to get what I got, it’s inherited wealth
My portfolio’s in very good health –

My daddy made a fortune back in World War Two
Making planes for Hitler, and his goose-step crew
Hitler ran out of money, so my Grandpa went
to Roosevelt, said, you need ammo sent
to fight the Fuehrer in the British Isles?
Signed the contract, double dealin, all smiles

Racked up the dough while the doughboys went
My daddy didn’t fight, cuz Gramps wrote a check
to his Senator, so Daddy’s fitness was sus-pect…

They sat out the war counting up our money
Daddy never had to work, but he’s got plenty, and
I’m a rich bitch I got more than I need
From insider trading, that’s the trough I feed from…

When I need some…
I pick up the phone and dial Lehman Brothers
Wait – they fizzled, hell, my brother’s in the
energy biz, no sustainable use
no wind or solar, just dinosaur juice

My family’s hydrofracking anywhere we can
You own the land, we-own-the mineral rights
Don’t try to ban us – you’ll lose the fight
We’re making quakes with industrial might

Forget the war on drugs, you bet
We-got-some meth for you that you’ll never forget
Got your lighters ready? Turn the faucet on
FLASH! goes your tap water, gone gone gone
While you suckers stuck in the Ninety Nine
Make little tent houses, and sit and whine
We’re pullin it all out from under you,
sure as thunder, you can’t stop us, can’t topple us
Can’t get the drop on the steamrolling gop
That’s G-O-P and the Tea party too
You’d think that they’d be here with you

But our Koch Brothers made the Tea Party a joke
Ninety-niners, your rights gone up in smoke
Supreme Court has been bought and sold
with cold hard partying in gold’s stronghold
They come palms open and they drink the Kool-Aid
Then back to Washington, so we’ve got it made

We’re the super-rich, who itch for more scratch for another batch
of corruption – no interruption
of our consumption or their presumption
We got gumption – you’re all lazy bums
Bleeding us dry while you’re sucking your thumbs
Why can’t you face the fact – don’t attack the rich
the deck is stacked – the House holds the cards
and the Senate’s in our back pocket,…
rocketing to their next election, no selection, just a cash erection

Your drums can’t drown out my big-ass TV
in my fenced-in compound with security
They’ll Taser your ass if you don’t look like me
So stand your ground downtown but remember:
Another Oakland’s coming, maybe this December
So give it up, don’t try to stop progress,
Congress gonna press till we mine every field in Wisconsin…

Scott Walker pulling out his great big Johnson and
trickling down on the 99, sleeps like a baby, yeah he feels fine
We gave him power to Occupy the Dome
You can’t recall him and he won’t go home cause
He’s got the green, you know what I mean, he’s serene. He’s the Man.

He made a stand for all of us One Percenters,
no renters, no tenters, just the
sweet elite in the catbird seat
Obama can’t fight the gall of Wall Street
And Avenue K will lobby every day to have your camp demolished and the streets all polished of you
All of your crew, who think the
First Amendment was made for your kind
Constitution’s in the shredder, man, are you blind?
The Supreme Court’s mind is clear… the time is here,

Corporations are people and you, the sheep’ll go along with that…
eventually, once it sinks in you can’t flee the domination the determination – the big sensation
of the Corporate Voice Box, make some noise, FOX, it’s such a Rush to have them-on-our side.
And by their rules you will abide.

So pack it up and get on back to your shack
Or stop by McDonald’s for another Big Mac and a giant coke,
don’t choke on the lie ‘cause if you don’t have insurance, you’re gonna die.

If you don’t have a home, we won’t help you out.
Your kid’s school is lame?
Don’t blame us, we bus our kids to private schools.
We’ve got control, and we make the rules, you’re fools if you think otherwise.

Time flies!
I’ve got to primp for the party or they’ll eat all the shrimp, and my pimp the Guv, he’s waiting above in his ivory tower that’s powered by taxes. Your taxes. I-don’t-pay taxes. That’s what the facts is.

So sit by your bonfire, sing your songs, but don’t forget – it won’t be long before we take over like we’re meant to do and all of you’d better realize you’re screwed… dude.
Ta-ta, I have to go touch up my lashes. Have
fun with your unwashed hippie bashes.

© Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil